Laura Ruiz is a passionate yoga teacher specialised in Vinyasa, Yin and Hatha yoga (YA YTT200) having recently finalised her training in Prana Vinyasa (YA YTT300). Laura also practices Bakthi yoga (devotional yoga), chanting and meditation as part of her own self practice.

Laura is medically trained in Western medicine and orthopaedic surgery, giving her great knowledge on movement dynamics and strength practices.

Laura has a strong interest in Ayurvedic and Eastern medicines. This passion in holistic healing and wellbeing has led her to become a ‘Soulful Wellness Guide,’ allowing her to help others achieve a natural mind-body balance, especially in soulful times. Laura is also a Reiki Master Teacher practising in London.

Laura’s zest for life, self love and positive thinking influence her yoga practices which are often designed to open our hearts, heal from trauma and honour the earth elements as an ultimate expression of gratitude for life.


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