Hi, my name is Olga, I am a Level 3 certified Personal Trainer, working both as an in-house Expert PT at Virgin Active and at my own company, Ho:ur Training.


My approach to training is based on integrating mobility, strength and cardiac endurance into workouts. This enables you to progress safely and use your new strength in the most efficient way.


By mixing different types of exercise, this enables you to reach your goals and have variety in your workouts, so you could be doing anything from work with weights, bodyweight work, moves from kickboxing, Pilates, and functional movement.


Yes, shifting pounds and seeing muscle definition is important, but the biggest reward for me is when the primary health indicators change. This would be my client telling me that they can come off high blood pressure medication, or that now, they are sleeping well through the night, or that they feel energetic in the morning and they feel they can seize the day! 


I want to show you what it feels like when your body moves. I know the techniques of how to do it correctly and safely, I know how to progress the intensity for you, but it’s you who needs to make the first step. So let’s do it, it is time to start!