How can I thrive when I am in a cage?

Last two weeks were both exciting and scary. As we were getting used to our new "normal" under lockdown, I could not help but wonder- how would I be able to find energy and motivation if every day looks exactly the same-with the same 4 walls and same people around me....

As much as I love my family- I need to see my friends too, interact with people who I can have a professional conversation with, not only about arts and crafts (this is what we did a lot of with my kids during this half term...). I miss working, I miss going out and I felt like every day it might be more and more difficult to motivate myself to be positive and energetic. (Another question worth exploring: Do I even have to be positive and energetic everyday? I am not a Tigger from Winnie the Pooh...)

And then I run my first free online session last week...That literally felt like a shot of Redbull. I felt so energized and happy. I felt like a different person, I found my motivational fix :)

I knew it all along, just (ironically) did not have enough time to sit down and assess/reflect on what usually gives me energy and how I can substitute my usual energizers with those temporary ones while we are in the crisis situation....

What energizes me is being with people. Of course now it is not possible, so I use zoom, for work, for socializing, for catching up with family and friends.

Another strength of mine is developing others and creativity. I have been working on new sessions and coaching new clients through crisis. What a joy! I absolutely love working with my clients- please do feel free to tell your friends and families- I will be super happy to help and get my energy fix ;)

All it took was a a little time set aside and mindfulness breathing exercise to get back to my motivators and strengths. To remind myself what I love doing and how I could do it in this new reality.

I use Strengthscope tool to identify and work with strengths-I highly recommend that tool to help you with identification of your strengths and how they might help (or hinder) your emotions and reactions during crisis!.

And this is the short breathing video I used-make sure you are sitting comfortable and have few minutes just to yourself!

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