Maslow's Hierarchy of needs and COVID19

From my experience: no matter where you start your conversation and what subject you were talking about with your friends or colleagues-it always at least at one point is brought to COVID19 situation. It is absolutely expected and natural-it is our new reality for the the next few weeks or even months. Looking at some of the reactions around me (and my own), I can not stop comparing our current situation with Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

1. Initially there was panic buying- will there be enough food in my local shop? What if I can not feed myself and my loved ones? Let's buy all the toilet paper and pasta available...

2. Once we had enough stock of pasta and toilet paper, we started worrying about our safety and health - I could definitely see more people wearing masks and I was waiting for my amazon delivery -it has never come by the way....

3. Lockdown happened.... Now we have started appreciating time spent with family and friends(various online tools for hosting virtual parties and catch ups helped a lot). Social calendars have never been so busy. We are grateful for wireless headphones -help with multitasking is always appreciated. During catch ups some people wonder-how many of us will come out from this lockdown pregnant- is the need of intimacy growing too?

4.I am not sure we have reached the next level yet. I suspect that once we get used to our new reality- with online delivery sorted, feeling safe(er) as we continue self isolation and social distancing, with regular catch ups with our friends, we might start questioning what is it that we are good at and what we could do to be recognized and potentially even give back to society and planet. Our views might start changing dramatically, maybe I will always remember to bring my own cup to Starbucks once it reopens? Golden Honey Macchiato -you are missed!

5.The last level of the pyramid is when we start asking ourselves- what if I could be even better at what I do? What if I can enjoy a different type of role? What if this is not the right lifestyle for me? What if....? Without sounding like a sales person -this is when coaching can make a massive difference. Finding the right coach is crucial -someone you can trust and who will support you to be the best version of yourself.

If you would like to read more about the concept of the hierarchy of needs, you can follow this link from

#stayhome and climb the pyramid

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