Self Isolation end of week 2

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Here comes Saturday....a day with no routine, no home schooling and no going out. We have all necessary supplies so no need to go to the shop...What to do? What to do with two kids, who would love to go cycling but unfortunately this is not an option.

If I have learnt anything from the last 13 days, it would be that we can have fun as a family, even if we are under lockdown.

Step 1:

Parents need to be rested and in a positive mindset, our mood does affect how our children are. This is obvious but worth reminding from time to time.

Step 2:

We need to plan a fun activity that kids will look forward to. We played a family game together, that was 90 minutes of happy feelings in the house! Positive thinking and activities trigger positive emotions. Have a look how that works here.

Step 3

Kids miss their friends, they miss them a lot. We miss our friends too. One of the parents at school scheduled a skype call when kids get connected for 30 mins. Despite me being against too much time in front of the screen, skype and FaceTime is the new playdate.

Step 4

Not everything goes according to plan all the time-and it is ok. Stay safe and #stayhome

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